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Booking your limousine trip in Metro Detroit with Detroit Limo Services is as easy as placing a quick call to the number below, or writing a quick email to us at the email address below. We keep it simple for you so all you have to do is concern yourself with having a great time! If you're emailing us, be sure to include information about how many people you expect to be in your party, the destinations you plan to visit, and the desired dates and times of service. You're welcome to come down and take a look at our limousines, or we can just book your trip over the phone with a quick credit card deposit. Here is our contact information:

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  • 719 Griswold St, Detroit, MI 48226
  • 313-789-3533
  • info@detroitlimoservices.com

Efficient Customer Service

When you're looking to reserve specialty transportation for the Electronic Music Festival at Hart Plaza in the Motor City or a special event like in one of the surrounding communities, you're going to want to choose a company that is fully transparent and easy to reach during any time of the day. This makes the entire process that much easier when you don't have to do any guessing about what to expect from your trip. Plus, you can feel more confident about a company that consistently answers the phone if you happen to run into any problems tailgating at a Lions game, although highly unlikely with our attention to detail and years on the road. When you call one of our talented customer service representatives, you can expect to be greeted pleasantly. From there, you'll be guided through our seamless reservation process, answering any and all questions you might have along the way to ensure that you're taken care of. When you're finished with your reservation, you'll be surprised at just how easy it was!

High Quality Vehicle Features

There's a reason why we're consistently called upon events in the area. From the bigggest and most opulent celebrations to smaller and spontaneous get togethers with friends, we cover it all. It's hard to find a company that takes your needs to heart while providing you an affordable option that doesn't skimp on quality on any end. The value of a trip on one of our party buses in Detroit is out of this world when you consider our fantastic sound systems with auxiliary connections, neon lighting throughout the surfaces on the vehicle, tinted windows for privacy, television screens with DVD playing abilities, dancing poles, spacious interiors with hardwood flooring and dance poles for entertainment. Those aren't all of the amenities that you can expect on our vehicles, so be prepared to have an amazing time when you call to reserve with our company. We look forward to speaking with you and providing you with transportation on a special night.