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5 Reasons We Love...

Big Bear Lodge
25253 Telegraph Rd, Flat Rock, MI 48134
(734) 782-6600

- Detroit Limo Services has recommended Big Bear Lodge many times over the years, it's so great
- The food is absolutely delicious thanks to their wood-fired grills and high quality ingredients
- The pizza is fantastic and we are huge fans of their steaks, seafood, and game offerings
- The ambiance is just perfect with a true lodge feel, including antler chandeliers that we love so much
- The service is always excellent here, truly friendly and kind, and they really know the menu well

Piper's Fine Foods
25418 Telegraph Rd, Flat Rock, MI 48134
(734) 782-3300

- Piper's is a real classic in the Downriver area and for our Detroit Limo Services customers in the Flat Rock area
- Breakfast is what most Downriver-ites come here for, but they are great all day long for any meal
- The old fashioned diner vibe is so cool and we love the little jukeboxes on every table, how cute
- The chicken pot pie is what they are best known for but they have just about everything here
- A really wide and varied menu that will satisfy everybody in your Detroit Limo Services group

Michael's on the River
28828 Telegraph Rd, Flat Rock, MI 48134
(734) 782-1401

- One of the most beloved places in Flat Rock, Michael's on the River is a must-visit for Detroit Limo Services peeps
- The dive bar atmosphere just cannot be beat by any other spot downriver, so cool and authentic
- The shrimp and perch are perhaps what they are known for best, and what better to have right there on the water
- The prime rib is perfection for the meat lovers out there, really tasty and high quality of course
- They even have delicious botanas and other appetizers that you'll love noshing on! Great drinks too

Salute Special Events
26125 E Huron River Dr, Flat Rock, MI 48134
(734) 931-0911

- Salute is an Italian catering company that offers a whole lot of yummy options for Detroit Limo Services customers
- If you're planning an event in the Flat Rock area and beyond, this is the place you will want to call
- They even have their own wine room on the premises, see the paragraph below for more information
- The food is truly top notch and the service is some of the best that you will ever receive
- Truly a professional establishment that we feel very comfortable recommending to you

26123 E Huron River Dr, Flat Rock, MI 48134
(734) 931-0911

- The ROC Restaurant and Wine Bar is brought to you by Salute Special Event catering and banquet hall
- Located in the lower levels of their banquet hall, this is a pristine and classy place to drink with friends
- The selection of wine is very impressive and the service is absolutely the best around
- The large screen televisions, fireplace, and bar just make for the nicest environment around here
- The prices are surprisingly moderate for such high quality, something that Detroit Limo Services customers appreciate

  • 719 Griswold St, Detroit, MI 48226
  • 313-789-3533
  • info@detroitlimoservices.com

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